Latest “Sydney tubes”  developed by Sydney university.

2-mm wall thickness for highest hail resistance, latest solar absorption coating is 14% more efficient than some other leading brands.

Mid-element electric boosted tanks that save energy.

gas boosted models available.

Includes a high quality Grundfos low energy pump station. Australian engineered premium tanks.

Stainless steel solar manifold housing.

cyclone rated stainless steel frame and mounting kit.

The best value for money systems available with the highest STC rebates in Australia are now in stock.
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Retrofit to almost all existing water heaters

Virtually any standard electric boosted hot water cylinder can be converted to solar with a “Run On Sun” evacuated tube collector kit, four sizes are available to suite any size tank.

Ideal for replacing old flat plate collectors.

Costs much less than a complete system turning that old tank into a very effective solar water heater.                                                                                                       
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Low energy circulation pumps in both AC and DC voltage, hot water pressure boosting pumps, solar controllers and more interesting energy saving devices.

Everything in spare parts for evacuated tubes including hard to get parts

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A completely hands free system, fully temperature    controlled, never over heats, totally reliable.  

Highly recommended.

Heat exchange model with no water in the tubes:

Designed to work in conjunction with or without a wetback stove.

316 marine grade stainless steel 1.5-mm thick tank for longevity.

40-meters of copper coil for maximum heat exchange.

Includes a 25-litre cistern as shown in the picture.

Available in a 220-litre, 24 tube model and a 270-litre, 30 tube model.

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Evacuated tube split systems