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Just scroll down this page to find some fascinating creations that run on the energy of our sun.


Split evacuated tube solar hot water heaters with heat pipe technology. Mid-element electric boosted models that save energy and gas boosted models available in three sizes.

Includes a high quality Grundfos low energy pump station that can attach to the tank as shown, or go onto an adjoining wall.

Australian engineered tanks. Stainless steel solar manifold housing with a cyclone rated stainless steel frame and mounting kit.

2-mm thick “Sydney Tubes” that are 14% more efficient than some other brands.

The best value for money systems available with the highest STC rebates in Australia are now in stock.

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Fully integrated evacuated tube solar water heaters.

Split evacuated tube solar water heaters.

Retrofit kits and heat pipe evacuated tube collectors

A standard electric boosted hot water cylinder can be converted to solar with a “Run On Sun” evacuated tube collector kit, four sizes are available to suite any size tank.

Ideal for replacing old broken down flat plate collectors when the old tank is still working.

Costs much less than a complete system turning that old tank into a very effective solar water heater.

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Using Run On Sun evacuated tube technology to heat a house (Hydronic heating)

Whether it is a large project like the one shown in these pictures, based on a combination of “Run On Sun Australia” heat pipe collectors with Canadian technology that uses the ground has a thermal mass during summer, storing the heat energy until it is needed and diverted to the house during autumn & winter. The expertise of Don, a heating engineer from Armidale in N.S.W. completed this project in Glen Innes N.S.W. during late 2013.

Small projects that use one or two evacuated tube collectors can run single or multiple radiators or convection heaters,

“Run On Sun Australia” can supply specialised custom made cylinders, heat pipe collectors, the correct sized pumps and a range of high quality convection heaters.

Same picture as above from a different angle.

The pink pipes are installed in the slab for floor heating and the white pipes shown are the top layer that leads to the insulated ground heat thermal mass that can be used in autumn and winter to help heat the house.

The hart of the system is the plant room showing a 500-litre custom built “Run On Sun Australia” stainless steel storage tank,the diversion manifold for the ground heat storage, the slab manifold for the house heating, “Run On Sun” pumps and an emergency gas booster.

“Run On Sun” stainless steel convection & radiant heaters keep the circulating hot water clean, unlike cast iron or aluminium radiators.

“Run On Sun” copper convection heaters keep the circulating hot water clean, unlike cast iron or aluminium radiators.

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DIY project solar water heaters for spa’s, wet back stoves and areas with no power

Models with big copper coils for wet back stoves,

Models without copper coils, project non pressure evacuated tube butterfly collectors and more.

Lower prices: A good range of project solar water heaters for many different uses.


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Call Andrew for more information.


Low energy circulation pumps in both AC and DC voltage, constant pressure pumps, hot water pressure boosting pumps, solar controllers and more interesting energy saving devices.

Remote power

including charge controllers regulators and inverters.

From left to right in order.

1- PV pump. 2- Hot water inline booster pump. 3- GPD hot water circulation pump.

4- GPD high powered hot water circulation pump. 5- Low energy constant pressure pump. 6- Grundfos solar 15-20 hot water circulation pump. 7- Grundfos pump station with controller. 8- Grundfos pump station with housing. 9-Titanium heat exchanger.

10- power consumption meter. 11- Light transmitting power point.

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1                  2                 3                4             5                6                     7                           8

              9                        10


Our heavy duty low frequency brand of inverters have been in operation since 2014

MPPT 60 Amp charge controllers for 12, 24 and 48 volt aplications.10, 10 and 50 Amp regulator for 12 and 24 volt batteries.

We have a 50 Amp regulator for 48 volt batteries.

PowEx tubular gel batteries are available in 600 Ah & 1000 Ah 2-volt cells or a 100 Ah 12-volt cell.

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We also carry a wide range of high quality plumbing valves

Specials - AVG 1000 & 850 Kpa P/T valves $50

AVG Expansion control valves 850 Kpa $40

Should be replaced every 5-years.


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Hi Andrew,


I just wanted to give you a run down and MASSIVE rave on this system mate. I’ve only had a slight bit of sun twice in the

last eight days and the lower temp was still up to 30 degrees this morning. We just have a slight bit of sun now(2 hours

later) and its already up 2 degrees and climbing so it looks like we won’t have to electric boost at all.


This system has surpassed my expectations, it kills the old panel system I had in my old house, in fact there is no



Your service and product is 2nd to none I will not hesitate to recommend you to anybody.


Thanks again for all your effort and friendly advice. It really is appreciated and a breath of fresh air to do business with



All the best form Tamborine Mountain.





PS: Please feel free to use this as a testimonial mate

Integrated evacuated tube pressurised solar hot water heaters with heat pipe technology. No water inside the tubes. Electric and gas boosted systems available in three sizes. STC rebates apply to all models.

These models do not need pumps or controllers and are suitable for all climates in Australia without the need for antifreeze chemicals. Designed for minimal electric boosting during winter. Can discharge hot water during summer if not used daily or not enough hot water is used.

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A completely hands free system, fully temperature    controlled, never over heats, totally reliable.  

Highly recommended.

2-years later

Hi There Andrew,


Hope alls well mate and you’ve settled ok up there. I was there in July and couldn’t camp because of fire restrictions which  was a first ever for me. Wow you guys are dry up there.


Anyways I done the 2 year check of valves and anode (5 months late but time has flown so quick that the stars only just aligned to get it sorted)


The plumber loved the system and will probably give you a call soon as he wants to update his existing Solar Hot Water to the tube type. I gave him a big rave as I’ve only had to boost it 4 or 5 days since it was pt on which is nothing short of incredible for a family of 5. We do watch our water and the weather to work with Mother Nature and she provides us warmly.


He said the valves are both still in excellent condition and the anode has very little corrosion and should last at least another 10 years but recommended every 2 years to check to make sure.


Many smiles fro Tamborine Mountain.




Designed for a wet back stove, main tank vented to atmosphere:

Heat exchange model with no water in the tubes:

316 marine grade stainless steel 2-mm thick tank for longevity:

40-meters of copper coil for maximum heat exchange on dull days:

Includes a 25-litre cistern which takes up all of the hot water expansion (No wasted water):

Available in a 220-litre, 24 tube model and a 270-litre, 30-tube model.

Contact Andrew now to secure yours before the 2021 winter:

         Low pitch roof frame:              40-meters of copper coil inside the tank:         High pitch roof frame:

Tank configuration with cistern filling station showing         two riser pipe connections and two non riser pipe connections on the bottom of the tank:

25-litre Cistern filling the tank and hot water expansion pushing back from the tank.